We’re a team of instructors working closely with agronomists, technicians, chemists, researchers and other specialists in the Central Valley and all over the U.S. Our goal is to provide the highest quality agronomic training in the Central Valley for people in the day-to-day of commercial farming.

That’s who we are, but the more important question is why?

What started out as impromptu tailgate trainings has evolved into a far-reaching professional training effort with the same objective: to teach important agronomic concepts behind what’s going on in the field. Having the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot plant symptoms, use technology effectively, blend fertilizers, to name a few, makes a massive difference in the effectiveness of an in-field team and larger operation. We have been inspired from the beginning by how much professionals in this industry want to learn, and have been working since then to make quality training more accessible.

We stay true to our beginnings by doing as much training in the field as possible, because we believe that’s where the best learning happens. We supplement with in-classroom trainings to allow for different types of hands-on activities that teach concepts in new ways.


We work closely with local ag specialists and are always looking for new partnerships.