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Welcome to chemistry class! Just kidding – this isn’t a chemistry class, and you don’t need to be a chemistry whiz to be good at making in-field mixing decisions. What you DO need to know is how to do the “Will it Mix?” test – and that’s what this course is all about!

This course is a 3-part series of Ag Chats with Greg Beecher, a formulation chemist at Source to Source. Greg helps us unpack some of the challenges with in-field mixing and then teaches how to use the “Will it Mix? Rule Book” and jar testing to help tackle many, if not all, the mixes you’d like to do at your operation. He gives some ideas for helping your in-field team be successful with mixes, too. Here’s the outline of the Ag Chats:

Part 1: “Go easy” – We cover basic concepts of fertilizer mixing, especially solubility and the variables that influence it, like “swapping partners.”

Part 2: “Get set up” – We learn the steps to use the “Will it Mix? Rule Book” and jar testing. Learn how to identify the “players” in your mix, the rules they play by, and the likely outcome. Then confirm with a jar test.

Part 3: “Rapid fire Q&A” – There’s a lot to talk about on this subject, so we tackle as many questions as we can in case they’re ones that you’re asking.

These Ag Chats are made to be listened to like a podcast. However, the video version does have a few helpful visuals that come up whenever handouts are discussed. For this reason, you may prefer the video format, or you may find that it’s just as easy to follow along by having the handout on your phone or printed out. Do whatever works for you! If you’re listening on the go and can’t watch or print a handout, that’s cool too – you can follow along with just the audio, and come back to the visuals when it’s convenient.

Find handouts on the “Materials” tab above the video in each lesson.

Once you’re feeling good about everything you’ve learned, try your hand at it with the “Will It Mix” practice videos! They take you step-by-step through the process, and you have the opportunity to test yourself throughout. The guided examples really help it all sink in.