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Welcome! Everyone who doesn’t have perfectly ideal irrigation water, welcome! You’re in good company. Whether you’re new to water amending, or awesome at it, or somewhere in between, getting back to the basics will hopefully help you water amending strategy dialed in and making your job a little bit easier.

This course is a 3-part series of Ag Chats with Blair Baker, an agronomist and water specialist at Vanguard Ag. She helps us teach the concepts and practices of water amending with a good dose of in-field practicality. Here’s the outline of the Ag Chats

Part 1: “Go easy” – We cover basic concepts of water amending and how to read water and soil analysis to diagnose water chemistry issues

Part 2: “Get set up” – We discuss the materials and equipment used for water amending, why they work, and compare options

Part 3: “Rapid fire Q&A” – For newbies and old hands alike, we tackle the common and not-so-common questions to help you have more confidence in your water amending strategy

These Ag Chats are made to be listened to like a podcast. However, they do have a few visuals that go along with them. The visuals will be displayed as they are discussed in the Ag Chat, and you can also print them if you’d like to follow along with a hard copy. If you’re listening on the go and can’t watch or print a handout, that’s cool too – you can follow along with just the audio, and come back to the visuals when it’s convenient.

Find handouts on the “Materials” tab above the video in each lesson.