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The Fertilizer Mixing Online Training Series

This series is designed for everyone who makes decisions regarding in-field fertilizer mixing, such as:

  • What fertilizers get mixed in-field prior to or during injection
  • The process for in-field mixing, such as how products are labeled, how instructions are communicated and how wash-out is done
  • What fertilizers are recommended to be mixed at the field

This course teaches important chemistry concepts for understanding fertilizer mixing, in terms that non-chemists can relate to and apply. Key takeaways include:

  • Why solubility is so important, and what variables influence solubility
  • How to apply the “swapping partners” concept to identify mixes with the potential for tie-up 
  • How to use a quick-reference to identify common good and bad in-field mixes
  • How to identify the “players” in your mixes, the “mix rules” they play by, and the likely outcome of the mix
  • How to do a jar test that will give you the information you need

Included are several printable resources and the Dirty Boots “Will it Mix? Rule Book.” Once you’re comfortable with the tools, put them to practice with the “Will it Mix?” video demos. 


 This is one “chemistry class” you’re sure to pass and use everyday!



Pricing for

6 Month Access for Your Team
Includes One Course:
“Fertilizer Mixing
for decision makers (in English)

Course Includes:
– 3 hours of podcast-style training
– Printable versions of “Compound Solubility” 
and “In-Field Fertilizer Compatibility” charts
– “Will it Mix?” Guide & Rule Book,
along with 7+ practice demos

And more!

$650 for this series
(up to 15 participants)