Dirty Boots™ Online Training Series


The Pressure Bomb Training Series

This series includes courses for pressure bomb operators and decision-makers using pressure bomb data. So if you have a pressure bomb and want to use it more effectively and safely, or you’re thinking about getting one, this course is for you!

  • “How to Operate a Pressure Bomb” course in Spanish & English Learn how to operate a pressure bomb safely and how to get good measurements every time with a proper sampling technique. Along the way, see why pressure bomb data is valuable and how to keep your unit in good operating condition.
  • “How to Use Pressure Bomb Data” course in English Learn how to make irrigation scheduling decisions with your pressure bomb data using either the traditional SWP method or the Bars Below Baseline method. We’ll help you determine which is right for you!
  • Printable resources & in-field guides included for you to take to the field
  • Optional features
    • Track your progress (for as many team members as you like)
    • Bundle membership – offer the series to multiple team members
      with one membership
    • Course quizzes to assess learning
  • Extended access – take the courses anytime through June 31, 2021

*Please note: this series is recommended for specific crops where pressure bomb data is publicly available. If your not sure if this includes your crops please drop us a note!


Access for 4 Participants
3 Courses: For Operators (English), For Operators (Spanish) & For Decision Makers

$1,200 for this series

($300 per person)
(559) 686-5115