Dirty Boots™ Online Training Series


The Pressure Bomb Online Training Series

This series includes courses for pressure bomb operators and decision-makers using pressure bomb data. So if your operation is ready to get into pressure bombing, or if you already have a pressure bomb and want your team to use it more effectively, safely and strategically, this course is for you!

The two online courses in this series are desktop and mobile-friendly and can be accessed by anyone on your team. Complete them either as a group or as individuals, at your convenience.

  • “How to Operate a Pressure Bomb” course in Spanish & English Learn how to operate a pressure bomb safely and how to get good measurements every time with a proper sampling technique. Along the way, see why pressure bomb data is valuable and how to keep your unit in good operating condition.
  • “How to Use Pressure Bomb Data” course in English Learn how to make irrigation scheduling decisions with your pressure bomb data using either the traditional SWP method or the Bars Below Baseline method. We’ll help you determine which is right for you!

Optional features include:

  • Printable resources & in-field guides for reference and to take to the field
  • Track individuals’ progress online (for as many team members as you like)
  • Review your team’s quizzes to assess learning

 Also, In-Field Certification is available for this series. See below for details!


*Please note: this series is recommended for specific crops where pressure bomb data is publicly available. As of spring 2021 we recommend this series for operations that grow almonds, walnuts, prunes and/or wine grapes.

Pricing for Online


6 Month Access for Your Team
Includes Two Courses:
“How to Operate a Pressure Bomb” 
(available in English and Spanish)
“How to Use Pressure Bomb Data”

$950 for this series
up to 15 participants

In-Field Certification* for Pressure Bomb Operators

Is your team ready to operate on their own? Find out with In-Field Certification for Pressure Bombing. The certification process is low-key, but with high standards. Here’s how it goes:

  • Make sure your team has completed the online training in either Spanish or English. We recommend doing so more than once for anyone who is brand new, because it can be a lot to take in without prior knowledge.
  • Schedule a time for your team to meet up with our team. Our in-field certification team consists of an experienced pressure bomb technician and a Dirty Boots instructor. You pick the crop & location. The certification is in Spanish, English or both.
  • Day-of, everyone has the opportunity to get certified. About half of the training is a group assessment of knowledge, and the other half is is allowing each person time in front of the pressure bomb to demonstrate their knowledge, ask questions and get feedback. Areas of assessment include:
    • Demonstration of correct sampling procedures
    • Demonstration of safe and effective operations
    • Knowledge of required materials
    • Knowledge of company-specific reporting procedure
    • Demonstration of equipment maintenance
    • Knowledge of other best practices
  • Review the assessment. Our team will leave you with group and individual assessments of your team’s functional knowledge, skills, and preparedness to operate.


*Our certification standards are based on industry knowledge, in-field experience and information provided by the equipment manufacturer. If you’d like to review our certification standards, please give us a call!


Pricing for

Follow-up your team’s online training with in-field certification
Certification Includes:

A Dirty Boots team comes to your operation to conduct small-group certification on pressure bombing sampling, operation & safety.

Pricing varies per event.
Contact us for a quote!