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Welcome! If you’re new to pressure bombing, this course will help get you ready to practice in the field. If you already have some experience, this course will help refresh and fine-tune your skills. You might learn something new, too!

There are four lessons in this course, each with a video. Feel free to come back and re-watch the videos as often as you like. You can even take the videos to the field with you on your mobile device. Print the handouts to take with you as well. Find handouts on the “Materials” tab above the video in each lesson. The materials tab on this page has a printable summary of all the definitions and key takeaways that will come up through all four lessons, as well as a printable quiz for group trainings.

Practicing the right way will help you develop good habits, get good data, and make you a valuable part of your irrigation management team.

To begin lesson one, and to pick up wherever you leave off, click on the lesson links below. Let’s get started!

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